B.Tech. 5th Semester (Backlog ELE) of March-April 2019Click  Here02 Aug 2019
MBBS Final (Supply Part 2) Exam May 2019Click  Here01 Aug 2019
Basic B.Sc Nursing Final Year of April 2019Click  Here31 Jul 2019
BG 2nd Year Examination held in March/April 2019Click Here31 Jul 2019
BA, B.Sc, B.Com, BA (H) 6th Sem Backlog Examination (batch 2015) held in Feb – March, 2019Click Here30 Jul 2019
BA LLB (Combined 1-10th) Sem Supplementary Examination held in March-April,2019Click Here26 Jul 2019
BA, B.Sc, B.Com, BA (H) 6th Sem Exam of (batch 2015) held in June/July, 2018Click Here30 Jul 2019
BG 1st Sem Examination (batch 2015) held in May, 2018Click Here30 Jul 2019
BG 1st Semester Examination (batch 2015) held in May 2018Click Here29 Jul 2019
BG 2nd Year Exam held in March/April 2019Click Here29 Jul 2019
B.Tech. 8th Semester (ELE) of June-July 2019Click Here24 Jul 2019
B.E 4th Semester Regular (CBCS) Examination held in October 2018Click Here23 Jul 2019
B.TECH (Backlog) 2nd Semester of September, 2018Click Here23 Jul 2019
B.Sc. MLT 3rd Year of April 2019Click Here19 Jul 2019
LLB 6th Semester Examination (Batch, 2016) held in March-April, 2019Click Here18 Jul 2019
BG 3rd Semester batch 2016 held in April-May 2018Click Here18 Jul 2019
BALLB 9th Semester Supplementary Examination held in March- April 2019Click Here15 Jul 2019
BG 4th sem result of BA / BSc / BCom / FAZILA / BAH / BBA / BCA / BJMC (BATCH 2015) sessionClick Here12 Jul 2019
BG 4TH Semester batch 2016 held in November,2018Click Here12 Jul 2019
BUMS 3rd Year of February, 2019Click Here12 Jul 2019
B.TECH 7th Sem (MECH) of March, 2019Click Here12 Jul 2019
BG.6th Semester Backlog Examination (Batch 2015) held in Feb-March, 2019Click Here12 Jul 2019
LLB 5th Semester Supplementary Examination held in April-May 2019Click Here10 Jul 2019
B.Ed (Distance Education Private Colleges) Session: Dec 2015-Jan 2016Click Here10 Jul 2019
B.E 2nd Semester Regular Backlog (CBCS)Examination held in October,2018Click Here09 Jul 2019
B.Pharmacy 1st Year (Batch, 2016) Examination of January 2018Click Here09 Jul 2019
BG 3rd Semester Examination batch 2016 held in April – May 2018Click Here09 Jul 2019
B.Sc IT 6th semester (Backlog) examination of June-July, 2019Click Here06 Jul 2019
(Re-evaluation) B.A B.Sc Bcom B.A HonoursBBA BCA 6TH Semester Feb-March,2019 Click Here06 Jul 2019
(Re-evaluation) B.A B.Sc Bcom B.A Honours BBA BCA 5TH Semester BL Feb-March,2019 Click Here06 Jul 2019
B.Pharmacy 4th Year of April/May 2019 Click Here04 Jul 2019